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Maier Racing fiberglass hood. NACA / NASA style. Near Weed CA

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Selling my Maier Racing fiberglass hood.  Decent lightweight race hood.  Not street and show quality by a long stretch.  It is too much work to get it where I’d be happy with it on my street car.

Hood does not have the air intake holes, has some ripples and is flatter than it should be.  I’d also say it is a little short from cowl to tip- like 3/8”.  Picture shows it sitting on my car.

$350 OBO picked up near Weed CA.

The story behind this is long...

I knew that Maier Racing had an old buck for this hood.  I called them up and they agreed to dig it out and make up a hood for me, with the disclaimer that the old man (William “Bill” Maier) had passed, they didn’t have any specific instructions for the buck and lastly the buck was  over 40 years old.  I went ahead and had them make this up for me last year.  Other hoods off this buck were used on some 71-73 race cars, including Bill’s trans-am car.  It is kind of an oddball hood since it looks like a NACA/NASA but is missing the scoops. 




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Its kind of cool. The scoop areas look deeper, like maybe they designed it for racing so you have much bigger ducts going to the aircleaner. If I was closer I'd be tempted.

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