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You never know what you have unless you do some sort of checking...

I was going through a box of coins that came from my late brother in laws house 16 years ago, it had just been sitting in the closet.  Most of the coins were of no value, a few Morgan silver dollars in used condition, nothing special.  There was this one 3oz bar of silver in with the coins.  Looked up silver value, about $27oz, wife said just take it to the jeweler and get whatever.  But checked ebay and saw some 3oz bars that had sold in the $125+/- range and a few that were around $300.  So I put it on fleabay last Saturday, it sold this am for $1,025 and the winning bidder thanked me for having it available.   Shortly after the sale went live I got this PM from an ebayer:  

Great 3 oz extruded Engelhard silver bar. It's a highly sought after piece. Not many of these are around. There are a few other weight classes if these as well. Is this the only one you have? Those bars were used in/or for industrial silver plating. I'm guessing it should sell for over a grand. Collectors go nuts for them. Awesome piece and I'm sure whoever wins it will tuck it into their deep stack and it won't see the light of day for quite some time. I know a guy who has a good 15 or so of these bars in different weight classes. I'm glad you didn't just list it up at 75 or 80 buy it now as you would have left a bunch of money on the table for someone else to make. Will be fun watching this auction unfold.


I even had some ebay dick pm me after the sale was completed this morning offering me $1300 if I cancel the sale and sell it to him., he for some reason could not bid.....yeah right.  Must be a millennial no doubt with no sense of honor.  I told him try bidding next time


bar of silver 014.JPG

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I worked for Square D and also Cutler Hammer. We had lots of silver kept in local banks. I do not know if we had any of those but for sure we had lots of ounces out there. We also had platinum that was used in some of the fixtures in the bank vaults. I worked on those fixtures. They kept tack of that very close.


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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