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Very original Metuchen M-code '71 Mach 1


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Replaced the master cylinder today and bled the left front disc. The rest tomorrow.




How to buy a '71-73 Mustang:

Rule #1: Assume all classic car sellers are guilty until proven innocent.

Rule #2: No classic car dealer is ever innocent; thus, they are all guilty.

Rule #3: Buy from trustworthy people: Fellow forum members. Visit 7173Mustang's For Sale forum.

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Okay I must admit.... I looked at the pic's loved the car but didnt watch the video. After the comments I HAD to see what everybody was talking about!!!

GREAT video!!


LMAO...I was expecting Ray Liotta, Robert DiNero, Joe Pesci, and Paul Sorvino to show up and pull a body out of the trunk with Kurt say'n

Well my new friends had some "property" they needed to remove first before we haul her to the house.


67 Diamond Blue Vert






LOL even my sig line offended somebody!

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