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    Powerful cars are not for kids

    My first car was a sell-me-down (got it for cheap from my parents). 1983 Toyota Celica GT. Fun car without the power. Never been in a major wreck (just a few accidents). If anything, the 71 Mach 1 is the most powerful car I've ever driven and even then at age 40, I don't plan on doing too...
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    God, while I'm not crying too much about Harbaugh leaving, his replacement has left much to be desired. Then again, the Ron Jeremy references to Jim Tomsula does make me snicker a little. I'll still be flying down for games to support my team no matter how dark the days get. We're Faithful...
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    There are 31 other NFL teams out there. God knows we may see the Raiders become a contender for once. ;)
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    I'm a Niners Faithful and I'm still wondering wtf that last play was about. Go figure, it was still a great game to watch. My manager and coworker are Patriots fans so should be fun to see the grins on their faces tomorrow. Other than that, let the off season begin.
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    New from Washington

    Not on the forums often anymore, but hello from Lynnwood, WA. :) Rich
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    Oh sweet mother of god, those are beautiful! :D
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    71 coupe sheetmetal cutting up parts car.

    Possible to get pics of the frame rails? Looking for the 2 cross members in the engine bay. One after the radiator and the one where the steering is at. Much thanks! Rich
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    1965-1973 HID Headlight Conversion Kits High/Low

    Considering these for the future: "When properly mounted, exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for low beam and high beam performance." Still need to research these but considering...
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    We were all expecting a grinder. What we got was an ass whoopin'. Holy crap, never expected a blow out like that. Much respect and props to the Seahawks aka SB Champions. ;) More than ever, I'm looking forward to next season for my Niners. Hoping to save up enough to go to games here at...
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    Same here! Alex Smith had an awesome last minute comeback, Jamaal Charles took a hard hit from his own teammate, and Josh Gordon got flipped by his own teammate! Really happy that Team Rice won this one. Still the greatest WR of all time! :D Rich
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    Much congrats to the Hawks. Defenses wins games and they proved it. Kap has a lot to learn and mature. Looking forward to the off season and our 13 draft picks. That and I have plans on flying down to the games when the Hawks and Chiefs visit (still an Alex Smith fan). Other than that...
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    Well, the stage is set. Patriots @ Broncos 49ers @ Seahawks 2 rival veterans and 2 up and coming bucks. This is going to be one hell of an epic weekend. :D Rich, "Go Niners!" ;)
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    Niners vs Falcons...all I can say it had the makings of a trap game and it almost became one. Talk about a crazy ending to that one. I swear my team is the cause for more grey hairs on my head than my kids (or 71 Mach 1 for that matter, lol). :P We get the Cards this Sunday. Gonna be a hard...
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    Any given Sunday...or Monday in the Niners case. Can't wait for tomorrow. Gonna go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch after work. GO NINERS! :D Rich
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    Cowl to Inner apron cross section

    Much thanks, I'll give him an email to see what he has. :) Rich