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1971 convertible for sale.


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Jun 26, 2015
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Texarkana Texas
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1971 mustang convertible.


In it’s a 1971 Mustang that was originally a 6 cly 3 speed manual car white with black interior and top. So it is not matching numbers but engine in the car was from a 1971 mustang.  My plan was to build a Mach one convertible tribute car.  The original engine was not with the car when I purchased it.  It had a rebuilt 6 cly. 

It has had the following work. 


A 1971 Mustang 351 2v head cleveland engine was built with flat top pistons 40 thousands over.  New bearings, camshaft, Pistons, valve springs, double roller timing, chain, camshaft is designed for torque. Edelbrock 4 bbl intake, holley carburetor, hooker headers, 2 ½ exhaust, chrome tips.  Runs great!  Estimated HP 330 with over 400 foot pounds torque

PerTronix Ignitor III[emoji2400] Solid-State Ignition, and coil

New radiator, new alternator,

Rebuilt power steering pump. 

New water pump

New starter

New stainless steel brake lines, New brake hoses, new power brake booster, new rotors, new master, new pads, new  calpers,  new rear brakes, shoes, wheel cly, hose, new stainless steel E brake cables . So the brakes are all new.

Transmission is a used worldclass 5 speed from a late model cobra. 

New flywheel, pressure plate and clutch throw out bearing. McLeod

New driveshaft

A 9 inch mustang rears was purchased and rebuilt,  factory posi new clutches. 3.71 ford gears, all new bearings.

Has new rear grab a track 5 leaf springs.

Front springs are heavy duty springs and roller perches. 

So drivetrain and brakes are done!

The car had rust, following items replaced

Floors, rear tail light area, under cowl a patch panel was placed, new quarters, battery tray, and some of the wheel wells. Also subframe connector was welded in. 

Car was epoxy primered and blocked.  Painted 1971 poly blue with ardent silver. 

New weather striping.

New grill for Mach one.  And sport lights

New tires.  16 inch cragar s/s in front and 17 inch cragar SS in rear.  I have the factory 14 rims and hubcaps. 

New front and rear bumper.

What the car needs. 

Interior is original.  So it is tired. 

Dash needs final assembly.  Was updating it with a/c.  Has factory a/c under dash.  I also have Mach one gauges.  But not the wiring harness.

Top is tired.  It had some rips.  They have been glued.  Rear window was reglued.it was patched so that if I was caught in the rain it would be ok.  I have all new weather striping for top but not installed,  frame for top could use paint. 

Top does have new hydraulic hoses.  And it works.

The suspension could use new shocks, and rubber parts in front. 

Windows need adjusting.

For the a/c it needs most of the under hood parts, such as brackets, compressor, and condenser, and hoses.

I have driven the car and it goes and stops well.  The shifter is the original one from the late model mustang.  They make a hurst shifter that would be nice. It’s a little longer by a few inches. 

For the bad news.  The other day.  The rear driver wheel came off and did some damage to driver quarter.  I think most of it will come out without repainting quarter.  I should have re torqued the mags.  Dumb thing to do.  I was going slow. Like 10 or 15 when it happed.  Car just sat down on the wheel. 

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That’s the quarter panel.

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