1971 Mach I park/turn signal lights electrical connection


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Mar 28, 2022
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I’m trying to wire up my turn signal lights with AAW kit but the aftermarket turn signal assembly isn‘t the same color wires as the original and my originals are so bad I can’t tell what color is what! Can someone help me out? I think LH turn signal is black/yellow, green/white, black (according to AAW, my wiring diagram shows Green/white, black, brown. RH turn signal is white/blue, black/yellow, black (according to AAW, my wiring diagram shows white/blue, black,brown). The aftermarket assemblies are both wired black, brown, blue (with the female plug being blue wire). Does anyone know the color wires for each starting with the female terminal, center male terminal and outside male terminal?




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The black/green wire is your parking lamp; the brown wire would be your running lights (on whenever headlight switch is pulled out). You can use either, so long as you select the proper wire from the headlight switch. Most 71's dont have the green/yellow wire coming from the headlight switch.