Axle Code 2 Gear Availability Issue

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Apr 14, 2019
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Center Valley , PA18034
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72 Vert 351C White

I have a question and looking for feedback concerning my 72 351C vert   I've been slowly doing a rolling restoration and next in line was my very noisy differential.   I'm trying to keep the car stock and original. Just a plain old weekend car.   Going in I knew it was a  2.75  standard diff mated to an FMX trans.  It's all original and the diff tag matches.  

The rebuilder is having trouble finding a 2.75 gear set 'domestically' made and says the closest would be a 3.0 ratio. The wear pattern is bad and he is concerned if it's not replaced along with the bearings it will whine.  

1. Other than some loss of higher speed and maybe a little better acceleration do you see any other issues with this change?

2. Also, I suspect the speedometer will be off a bit, is this correct and could I change the speedo gear cable for a FMX trans. 


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If you're going to the trouble to replace the 2.25, think hard about a 3.25. It's almost the perfect balance between around town get-up-and-go and highway cruising.

The 351c will handle higher rpms (2800 - 3200 +/-) at 70mph all day long. A 3.00 is almost no difference from a 2.75.

Depending on overall mileage, a new convertor (1800 stall) is a nice match up and you won't have to worry about older factory stock unit giving out.


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