C4 pan fill questions

Big dog

Jun 4, 2016
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Woolston southampton
My Car
72 351 2v Mach 1 project just purchased
Hi All

I removed my c6 to Have it reconditioned only to find a piece of the casing missing

Which lines up with a locating dowel and bolt hole

So decided to find a c4 that would give me more room for headers,one came up on eBay 

A tci unit not used so I bought it

I have now found out they do pan filled and case filled c4 I have bought the pan filled

It does not have a bell housing 

I have a 72 Mach 1 351c 2v

Can you help me what parts do I need that will make this work I will also have to mod the drive shaft what yoke fits it

I would also like to get a higher stall toque converter about 300 rpm more

I am from GB so parts not easy to come by so info would really be great

Regards Perrie