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Feb 5, 2023
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Los Angeles
My Car
1968 Mustang
I own a 1968 Mercury Cougar but have seat frames from a 71 Mustang wearing '72 upholstery as seen in the Ford Mustang Sprint, patriot package for Olympic Games.

Welcome from Texas. Wow - you are definitely covering allot of bases with that combination! We love to see pics of other members cars. You’ll find many members here that have a Cougar in the stable as well.
It's intriguing that you have seat frames from a 1971 Mustang with 1972 upholstery installed in your 1968 Mercury Cougar.
A bit of planning and a bit of ignorance combined. Wanted high back buckets, stripped a pair of '71s not knowing they were essentially ill-designed orphans (The metal cracks where the seat bottom frame meets the seat back) but loved the fabric's color combination because it matched the custom interior. Yeah, years ago I had a numbers-matching '68 with all the correct stuff so I know this frankenstein isn't going to sell for much when I'm gone but... hell, people love it and so do I... I'll post a photo when the rain stops
Or you can buy my 72 Sprint and have the entire car match the seats


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