Rear seat trim woes.

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Nov 15, 2016
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1972 Mustang Coupe 302 Auto RHD
Haven't posted anything for a long time but still enjoy lurking.
Now I need some help with rear seat information.
I ordered a full upholstery set from the supposed Ford approved supplier who will not be mentioned yet.
Firstly they have made one of the front seat covers wrong which there is no dispute. They stitched the upper back listing 3 inches lower than the other one!
You will see in the photo the rear seat cushion cover they supplied(top one) has a different shape at the ends that will not fit my frame.
I ordered 1972 Mustang Coupe Deluxe upholstery set and was not asked for any more details.
Now the supplier has contacted the manufacturer and they are now saying the one they supplied is for a coupe without seatbelts!
Can someone please confirm if any 7173 Coupe Deluxe seats were supplied without seatbelts and had the D shaped ends in the seat cushion rather than the P shaped I've got?
Trying to get them to fix their mistake and not try to put the blame onto the customer so need some facts to come back at them. Also bear in mind I'm in Australia and don't wish to pay further shipping costs.
Thanks in advance.


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The upholstery you were supplied is for a 12-1-71 and later 1972 car with the retractors mounted inside the quarter trim panels. The seat frame and the trim panel shape changed below the arm rest. Cars made before that date had the standard non-retractable belts in the rear seat area, and used the seat frame you show in your picture. The non-retractable belts bolted to the rear transition panel.

Cars from 12-1-71 had the active seat belt warning system, with the "Fasten Seat Belts" warning light in the passenger dash and sensors in the retractors and passenger front seat.

Thanks so much Hemikiller. Mine is by VIN a 72 however it was made prior to 12-1-71 so that answers the question. Pity the supplier didn't specify this so now I'm going to try to get it altered locally as shipping it back and forth to the supplier is not cost effective. Thanks again and this forum rocks!

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