Convertible Top with Glass - Measurement needed

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Jan 12, 2019
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you may see this in another forum, as i wanted to ensure i reached the vert people also.

I am in the process of putting on my new vert top with a 'glass' rear window.

In doing the process, the inner pads were installed and removed several times during the fitting which is normal and they are all set.

We are now at the point where the first installment of the rear window is being done.  From the rear well moulding to the rear bow it is set at 25 inches as required.

My question is, what do others have for a measurement from the edge of the rear well moulding to the bottom of the glass?  At the moment, I have 7.5 inches with a slight sag as this is our first fitting as shown in the photo.  The sag will be tightened up later.  The 7.5 inches at the bottom puts my zipper at 1 inch from the back side of the rear bow as shown in the photo.  Kind of tight.  The glass is 14.25 inches tall.  If I decrease the 7.5 too much, the zipper will come further down away from the rear bow and could be exposed after the final top installation.  So I'm trying to get a happy medium where I keep the zipper under the final top and a bit away from the rear bow.

Sorry if this sounds discombobulated.