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Parts For Sale Flat OEM hood, located in western Washington


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Sep 19, 2023
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Tacoma, WA
My Car
1972 Grande
Local pickup only, no rust, does have a few dings. The paint was fully stripped on the topside as I was planning on keeping it but needed more clearance due to the new intake manifold. Overall in great shape. Make me a reasonable offer.

I proposed the idea of someone with a truck and trailer to ferry ⛴️ parts to members who live across the country. So someone who is traveling from east to west coast could move large parts for a reasonable price
Those hoods are fairly flat ---- you could do what I did -------hang it high on a wall and wait for the right person. Its about 80 lbs, however, and not easy to hang!
Also ----- if your hood is original, does it have the black-out treatment on the under side like the attached photo ? Does anyone know if all 71-73 hoods had this black paint treatment?



  • Hood Black-out - inner.JPG
    Hood Black-out - inner.JPG
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I checked mine. Underside looks like the original green paint. No black strip.

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