Gone in 60 seconds? (1974 film)


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Apr 1, 2021
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Just wondering why this isn’t in here. 2nd most famous chase scene second to Bullitt.


1974's Gone In 60 Seconds chase scene may be 2nd most famous, but it's way more exciting. It should be here.

it is... only I can't find it back :D
We had a dedicated thread "7173 mustangs on white screen" or something for these..

only found back a few others

it's on the site, question is where :D

There are TONS of posts on here about many movies with the 1971-3 Mustangs in them.  But they can admittedly be difficult to search for and locate.  

I did a quick search and got this one to start:

Use the Search functions and keep trying!  Check your search sorting options.


I think it’s one of the best chase scenes ever. 40 minutes of mayhem with some comedy thrown in. It was a low budget movie but he made everything look so real. They used real cops, fire and aid people, as well as real crowds.
If you mention the movie gone in 60 seconds, most people relate to the remake with Nicolas Cage and Angela Jolie and don’t know about the original movie.
I went to a place called "Capital Drive-in" in San Jose that has six screens in a circle around 1978 with friends. I don't remember the movie we went to see, but on the one of the other movie screens was a yellow mustang chase that I couldn't get my eyes off of. Every time it crashed, I was thinking I still want it. I didn't know the name of the movie as I never heard of it. My first time seeing it was without sound and I still loved it. It might be part of the reason I love these cars.
Jeez that was painful to watch. The poor '73 sport roof was totaled and then some. Reminds me of the chase scene at the end of the Blues Brothers movie with all the police cars being smashed up. Sorry, but Bullitt is my favorite all-time chase scene. Nothing quite like a big block 4 speed.
The beauty of Bullitt and the '73 Gone movie is that those movie cars really did those stunts and returned for more, ( albeit the cars needed constant repairing due to the severity of damage incurred). The Nicholas Cage movie car, to me, is a joke. They should have at LEAST made the movie car to look like a Shelby, which is valuable ( I mean, if you're going to "boost" valuable cars), and has a perfomance heritage, not some custom Barris-like phony baloney "look at me" Mustang movie car. When my Mach was used in it's movie, they really drove it at 100mph. When "Bullitt" was filmed, they really jumped that car and raced it around San Francisco. Fast and Furious, really? I understand using phoney "movie" cars, but that's all they'll ever be.........phoney
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