hard to find rare early 71' parts


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Jan 19, 2018
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Harrison, Idaho
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1971 mustang grande 351c 4v c6. grabber lime, tracpac
i am making some good headway on my early 71' grande. however, i have run into a couple problem areas recently. i would like info on where to obtain an oem or original style package tray. these were made of a pressboard or masonite type material. i could possibly be talked into a repop so long as it looks exactly like an original. my only real option right now seems to be a plastic one from scott drake that has speaker pockets built in. but i want original. NOT better than original. i also cant find the insulation pad that goes behind the rear seat back. right now there is nothing. with the trunk open, you can see the back of the rear seat springs. i see this made for earlier mustangs, but not for the 71-73 coupes. i am also trying to chase down an early 71' am radio. my research tells me the the 71' cars came with a one year only radio that has the word "mustang" on the front. similar to how many radios have "philco" printed on the front. but the 71' radios said "mustang" instead. while i am at it. my wish list also includes an original Autolite gas cap. someone stole my original right off my car. i would like to replace it. likely my most difficult issue at the moment is locating a plastic trim piece that goes on the front of my dash pad. only a handful of early 71' cars had them. they are not reproduced.

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