Hello my name is Michael I own a 73’ grande 351 CID 2V


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This is her
I didn’t see the notifications for this thread! I plan on putting a 4BBL carb on there along with a 4 core radiator eventually with a 4bbl intake manifold ofc and I will also cam it for that deep rough idle which I love so much, the previous owner got it from her aunt and after receiving it she drove it daily for 18 years and then put it away because She thought it had rod knock, but it didn’t… luckily for me I gave it a tune up and she runs awesome but…. I need to press the gas when I start it I think I need a new carburetor so I will get the 4bbl intake manifold and put a 4bbl carb on it! Oh also I’m gonna sand the entire car this summer and repaint it with single stage the exact same green!!

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