Is this hinge ruined?

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I went ahead and ordered a hinge pin kit from Ohio Mustang Supply before I truly inspected my door hinge...Here's a quick vid of my drivers side lower hinge pin while one of my kids is lifting up on the door. It looks like an awful lot of travel, do you think this hinge can be saved with a new pin and bushings or should I just order a new lower hinge? If the video doesn't work, its also on YouTube at


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I think a hinge pin kit will fix the issue. I replaced my pins and bushing and doors are good now. The pin and bushing specs should be available and you can usually get them at a local parts store. Good luck.

I've just restored the 4 hinges of my 71 and some had similar play. As Tom said, you should be good.
in worse case scenario if the hole has turned oval, you need mark the center for later reference. weld/fill the hole
and after some grinding redrill it using the reference marks pointing to the center. No biggy, there's plenty meat on the original hinges.

Some detail I did that you may need do as well, on 1 hinge, the distance from the metal of the part that pivots was much greater than
twice the thickness of the bronze top lip provided in the kits, which would have allowed too much vertical play, needed to be corrected.
In the vice, it was 2 secs of work to fix. Basically all they needed was a massage to restore the parallelism, easy to be checked with a rod going thru the 4 holes.

Keep in mind that if one hinge has play, chances that the other has some as well are very high (even if when still on the car you do not really feel some due to weight and angle). Considering the patina I see on your vid, I would not even think and just replace all 4. You would hate yourself to have to do this once the car is all aligned and painted etc... :O
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If the hinge holes are oval, then the correct way is to weld and drill them back out to size, but I have seen people just put JB Weld on the bushing hole when they are just a bit off and it seems to have worked fine.
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Seeing as I already have the ginge pin kit, I think I’ll just go the “easy” route for now. And yes Fabrice, I got 4 pins and bushings so I can do both sides. Thanks for the link Bentworker, I may do that mid someday…I’ll put it in the list! 😀