Mustang Times photoshoot

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Feb 28, 2011
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Chattanooga, TN
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72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse)
67 GT S-Code 4sp
While at the 60th in Birmingham and awaiting the receipt of my Concourse Grill Medallion I was approached by a gentlemen indicating he would like to photograph my car for an MCA Mustang Times story. He stated he had been at the MCA in Melbourne, FL last year and wanted to get a photoshoot but he usually only shoots 2 cars at a show with all of his other MCA duties. Needless to say I was very honored for his request. I did not take any pictures of him photographing the car other than this one. He stated that he will follow-up in a couple of weeks to get the history and backstory on the car and my time with it. He indicated the articles are usually 6-12 months after the photoshoot depending on the space needed in the magazine. This was truly the icing on a great and memorable 60th Anniversary show experience. I will need to start saving now to buy the case of magazines when the pictures are published. :)


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