My 1973 Mach 1 will be part of insided display at 2021 Ford Nationals @ Carlisle Penn.

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Jan 7, 2015
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Western North Carolina
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Just got an E-mail confirming that my one owner 1973 Mach 1 has been picked to be part of the 50th. Birthday of the, what they are calling, 'Big Horse Mustangs, 1971 - 1973". It will be located in Building T.
I have to have the car there on June 2 2021 and the actual public showing is June 4 - 6, 2021.
So maybe some of the members in the area can get together and meet for real. I am on the list now to get the Covid vaccine since I have Emphysema I am at high risk and will be 73 in March.
So will see if Dr. can take care of my back surgery ASAP. Did not want to do unless I had the vaccine.
Was also due to be at the PITS, Ponies in the Smokies event in March but will not go if no vaccine. It was part of inside display there also. Then to the Mustang Owner's Museum for National Mustang Day, but again if no vaccine not going.
Now I need and enclosed trailer.
The reason the car was picked is that it is a one owner survivor and when I ordered pretty much picked every option. With the one's added at dealership it has 41 options from Ford, the most so far located. There have been two others show up with one less option on the Marti.  When Marti did the Elite report he had to leave two options off. He had never had a car that needed two pages to display and claimed he could not do a two page report. The window sticker is two pages, dealer invoice two pages and the factory invoice is two pages but Marti is just one. I also have the original order form all on a display that will be with the car.
Most on here know the car but here is a video when I was driving it into the MOM, Mustang Owner's Museum, in Concord, N.C. for the grand opening. Marti saw the car there and I got Gale Halderman to sign a copy of the window sticker.
The car had not been started in 37 years until that morning and has the factory exhaust and did not smoke and ran fine.
It was two years ago when I took the car apart detailed and put back together did not restore just replaced safety items in brakes and fuel systems. It has not had running water on it in 39 years now. I just wipe off with wrung out micro fiber towels no soap. Has not been buffed and waxed only two times in 39 years. Washing and waxing a car will destroy the paint. For sure not perfect but originals never will be. Lots of defects in paint from factory.

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Congratulations. Very, very cool. 

Man, I really dig that vinyl top. 


I am happy for you, that's a great honor! Nice to see you drivin in that video from MOM in your car! I like the original appearance and stance of it! Your brown 3/4 vinyl top is something very special. Mine was black and will be black again  :thumb:

Hope you will be good soon, take care of your heatlth! This year you have the age of the birthday year of our Mustangs - take care  :beer:

Congrats on the good news.  You and your car are ambassador's for our cars.  Make a  good showing and show the other year Mustang lovers what they are missing out on.  :biggrin: . 

As far as a trailer,  if you are just wanting something enclosed to hall the car from point A to point B a 8.5 x 20 with 3500 axles would work fine.  If you want room to pack gear and a few tools I would go with a 22 to 25'.  Have to remember that if you load your car properly over the axles a longer trailer will have more "wasted" space up front unless you utilize it for storage or tools etc.    If you are going to order it I would also get extra D rings and for a few extra bucks you can get some E track tie downs if it doesn't come with any.  I would also opt for a 110v hook up and a few extra interior lights.  

Congratulations—sure wish I could be part of the meet-up.  Unfortunately if I am able to travel I have lots of other things I have to make up for lost time with.  Mostly seeing my aging parents.  Enjoy the show, sounds like a fantastic car to represent our hobby.

I had gone to the shop and measured out the layout of trailer around the car. Yes a 24' is way too big. So I am going with 8.5' X 20' which gives about a foot in the back and 3' in the front. There is a mfg. in Chatsworth Ga. Max Built that has them for $5.095 so looks like the best deal in my area.
I am decent doing wiring so I will just add the 110 volt hook up here.
My poor old truck has 306,000 miles on it might go to the insurance lot and see what is coming up for auction. I have a cousin that has had a towing business for many years. The last time I had him pick up a car on roll back I asked why he did not have diesel rigs. He said he had in past and that the cost to maintain and fuel made them not cost effective for a vehicle that did not do long runs. So he only buys gas roll backs. If doing long runs all the time then diesel comes out ahead.

Maybe Dr. will call today to get surgery scheduled.

Shop around for one with an escape door, would be so much easier on your back. Doesn't have to this fancy, but you get the idea.


Congrats David. I would love to have the chance of driving my Mustang all the way up there. I should try this year.

Worst case, if you don't want to spend on a new one you can always rent one from Uhaul or others. They are typically cheap to rent.

Edit: I am actually realizing that this would be just before the Hot Rod Power Tour. I am already planning on the HRPT so maybe I can attend these back to back.

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If anyone else interested in putting your 71 - 73 mustang in the Carlisle Ford show in June they just posted this on Facebook today. They are still looking for cars for the inside display for the 50th. ann of the 1971 model.;__tn__=<,P-R


Axle Miller

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We're still looking for 1971-1973 Mustangs for the 50th Anniversary Display at

Carlisle Ford Nationals
2021! If you're interested, submit the quick online application at
And if the display doesn't interest you, Showfield registration is 10% off up until May 3rd at

More Info: