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Welcome from West Virginia!


This is what I found when I removed the windshield during teardown. I put working on the cowl off for over a year (started working from the rear bumper forward) and was so glad dynacorn started making these. I wasn't looking forward to all the fabrication.

Hello All,


I bought my first Mustang when I was 16. I had just sold the ’69 Charger that I fixed up, pulled from the family used cars and parts salvage yard. My ’72 Mustang was also pulled from the family salvage yard. A green notchback with a 351c and a top-loader 4 speed. Apparently the previous owner (who I met years later) had let a buddy take it for a drive. He ditched it, ripping up the passenger side of the car including breaking the windshield and rear leaf spring. I brought it back to life. Changed the interior and exterior to black and enjoyed that car until I sold it shortly after getting married and starting my family. My wife hated that car. It was load, she couldn’t see over the dash and she feared how I might sometimes drive it.

Young family but still a Mustang owner, ’78 Mustang II V6 4 speed t-top. It was traded in at the dealership I was working for. Got the job done for many years and I sold it for more than I paid for it. Tip: never buy a t-top. Bought a ’68 Barracuda that a college kid put a rod through. Dark times, many years passed without a Mustang in the stable.

With the youngest getting ready to start college, I started looking at eBay and Craig’s list just to start researching, thinking I would wait until after she graduated. So I was telling my father that I was researching Mustangs and other older Fords. By the way my father is the second owner of his Boss 351 with 39K original miles on it. He bought it in ’74 when it was traded in on a new Charger. Anyway, my brother found out I was looking at Mustangs and let me know of a project ’72 Sportsroof that was for sale right in my backyard. Being as it was disassembled, missing parts and having no drivetrain put it right at my price point! I have been holding on to a 351c for years so that part was taken care of!

The first summer I owned it I did little more than finish completely stripping it down and taking inventory of all that might be missing (had to finish the kitchen/dining room renovation).


I really got started during the second summer. Cut off the quarters, took out the screwed in patch panel floors and truck that somebody made out of flat stock and replaced everything with the correct new metal. Fixed the rot… lots of it, window corners, and interior metal structures where a first for me. I was used to rust being down low and moving up but this car spent time near salt water. Fortunately an aftermarket cowl became available just as I was planning how I would rebuild what was left of the old one. Swapped the standard dash to deluxe and rewired it for the tachometer and the center gauges that were with the parts that came with the car. Was missing A/C heater box so I found one from eBay and rebuilt it.


Second year progress involved rebuilding the seats, front end, finishing the body work and actually get some paint on the car. One small sentence but a lot of work. Hopefully next year I can get the driveline done (t-5) and start driving it. The car was an automatic and I had an old overdrive I was going to use but changed my mind. Included with the car was the automatic brake pedal assembly that somebody had very nicely modified with a ‘80s Mustang cable clutch pedal. But they left the clutch pad small and kept the wide automatic brake pedal?! So I cut the brake pedal to fit the proper brake pad and built up the clutch pedal to fit the larger ‘70s clutch pad. Nice to have a horse in the barn again!

Welcome from Latrobe. Looking fwd to reading further of you quests to putting your humpty together the way you want it. Mine, an 11 year project I hope will finally get the satisfaction of reaping the benefits of it, right after getting a 3 year project of troubleshooting the brakes taken care of. ie, from drum to power all around 10.5 discs but so far just will not bring it to the stop it was meant to handle. See bio of all the work I did on mine on my photo album, some 300 pics with a couple here and there of side stepping with pics of other vehicles. Mikke
Just dug up some old photos of noteworthy vehicles I have owned (in order). '69 Charger (before/after)


'72 Mustang from salvage yard. First picture before, rest after. 351c with top-loader and posi. Note the customized grill and lights. Plus the handmade scoop I made during the winter in the room above my parents kitchen... out of fiberglass. Mom was not happy with the smell it made. Hey, I was 16.


Transistion period, wife and a kid on the way. Bye '72 hello '78. I painted it with brown stripes first but went to blue soon after.


Bye Mustang hello '68 Barracuda. Bought it with a rod through the block. Images are before/first version/second iteration.

Some trucks... '70 with a 460. Should have kept that one. '84 that I put my 351c in. The same motor I am using in my fastback today. Then my old Ranger.


The last toy I built a long time ago, a '80 Zephyr. Note the custom hood I made (all metal). Remind you of anything? Had a Nascar style dash I made and a hopping 302 that tore up at least two fmx transmissions as I recall. Yes, I like flames.

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