Question about Park and Belts warning lamps

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Dec 24, 2013
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71 convertible
I have been going through the wiring diagrams on my never-ending quest for a convenience group harness and noticed something that has me puzzled.  On my car and the parts car I had awhile back there was a Belts indicator next to the power top switch.  This lamp would light up whenever the accessory power grid was energized by the ignition key.  The lamp had a harness that ran from the lamp, below the instrument cluster, across the top of the radio and up to the relay panel above the glovebox where it plugged into a timer relay.  The harness draws power from an accessory power connector next to the radio.  Makes sense.  However, I haven't found that circuit on the wiring diagrams (yet).

The convenience harness has a bulb on it, but it is for a parking brake warning lamp.  This lamp is lit whenever the accessory power grid is energized and the parking brake is engaged.  This circuit is very simple, with a switch on the parking brake mechanism feeding the convenience group harness via a connector above the relay panel.  Neither of my cars had a switch on the parking brake mechanism, so I guess that's another part I need to find.  At any rate, the two circuits are completely separate, which is expected.  After seeing the extra hole in this dash, I got to wondering - did Ford ever ship a car that had BOTH the parking brake warning and seatbelt warning lamps installed in lower left corner of the dash?  I have never seen this configuration, but that doesn't mean it's not possible.  Thoughts?  Photos?!?