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Jan 25, 2024
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My Car
73 Mustang Mach1
I have looked all over the web for a specific type of relay and all I get is confused.
What I want to do is make the seat belt light turn on for 10 seconds + -when I turn the ignition on then go off.
I have connected 2 wires from the seat belt circuit and placed them in the engine compartment, one is hot with the key on and the other is the ground.
I want to use the hot wire for the trigger and have the ground switched so when I go to start the car the belt light will be energized for about 10 seconds then go off.
I don't have any of the other belt circuits to worry about as they were removed by the PO. I'm just looking for a standard 3,4 or 5 pin relay but don't know the terminology and I would like to keep it simple and cheap ;)
Thanks for any help
I wonder what the factory used? I am pretty sure the light didn't stay on if the passenger didn't fasten their seat belt.

I always thought it would be fun to wire into the throttle somehow.