R.I.P. Eddie Phillips (FastE)


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Feb 7, 2020
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Long time website member and 71-73 enthusiast Eddie Phillips aka FastE from Terrell, TX passed away on Tuesday the 28th of June 2022. Eddie fought Multiple Myeloma incredibly hard for about 6 years before it finally took him. His diagnosis is the only reason why he sold his 73 Mach 1. He bought it new in 73 when he was in the Navy. Went on his first date with his future wife in the car, got married in that car, taught his kids and grandson how to drive the car. He showed it, he raced it, he loved it.

Everything I've done to the car since bringing it home in 2020 I've run by him and kept him in the loop on. This car is like a family member to the Phillips family and he also enjoyed knowing that it was being well taken care of. I ended up with a cool car, but also a good friend. I'll miss showing him the progress and chatting about these Mustangs with him. It won't surprise me at all if the Mach is back in the Phillips family again one day. I love the car, but it will never mean to me what it does to Eddie's family. I can see where one day one of his kids or grandkids comes looking for it. Seems like the natural order of the universe. If that happens we'll definitely find a way to make it happen.

For anyone that might have known Eddie and/or might live in the region;

Celebrate Eddie Phillips
Wednesday, July 6th
Forney Church of Christ
619 W. Broad Street Forney, TX 75126
9am visitation and service at 10am
Burial to follow at Roselawn Memorial Gardens 1000 S Highway 175 Seagoville, TX 75159

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Apr 27, 2019
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Rest in peace Fast E ...........thank you for all your contributions over the years. My wife Sally passed 14 months ago from Multi Myeloma. I can honestly say it takes a BIG fighter to live every day with this horrible cancer. Bless you Eddie, and GOD speed!!
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