Replacing rear window p/w motor and quarter-window seal may be my Waterloo

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Jun 14, 2019
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Working on the driver's rear quarter window, replacing inoperable power window and trashed quarter window seal (the one that meets the door window).

Removing the p/w pancake motor wasn't as hard as expected, just tedious.  Turn-jiggle-slide-turn-jiggle-slide and repeat.  A tip:  the small side of the pancake motor needs to be turned about 180 degrees to the 4:00 position, then tilt it back a bit, turn and jiggle and it might slide right out.  Just be patient and persistent.

But the window seal -- glass needs to be detached to remove and replace the old weatherstrip (pry up the trim frame near the bottom just enough to release the very end of the rubber strip).  The new strip slides in from the top; make sure the trim channel is impeccably clean.  When done, slightly crimp the bottom of the trim channel.

All that's the (relatively) easy part.  I can not for the life of me get the window back in so that it slides easily up or down.  I do not understand where it's binding.  I put all the same spacers and washers back in, I cleaned and greased the channels.  The rollers are in decent shape.  When just the triangle bracket is installed it slides just fine, but put the glass in and it's just stuck.

Trying again today.  Since the rear seat is out I might remove the covering from the rear passenger side just to get a look.  That side works fine (and I haven't touched it -- lol)



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Jul 12, 2010
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Those pancake motors do take a few to R&R, I remember the struggle with my first one. 

The shop manual shows the adjustment method, the screws themselves rotate to move the glass in and out, the lower bracket adjusts the tilt at the top.