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Nov 15, 2010
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73 Mustang Convertable
Copied from Vintage Garage post from Quara.

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Kevin Allsop
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UPDATED 1/29/2024

This is an interesting one. These are twin 1972 Mustang Coupes with 351 cu in Cobra Jet engines and Hurst shifted 4 speed manual transmissions that were sequential in production from Ford. They were used by Firestone in the early 70’s for the development of radial tires. One was equipped with traditional bias ply tires while the other was equipped with radial tires and tested at Firestone’s test facilities. The cars were identical so that there was a direct comparison in the testing.\

More Info from the original sale. It appears they were sold as a pair for $37,400.00 which includes buyers premium.

“Lot #449.1 - Historic Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Hi-speed test car! Featured in "Mustang & Ford" magazine. This 1,600 original mile car is number one of two, special order, consecutive vin number, identical twin, high performance Mustangs. Equipped with 351 Cobra Jet engine, 4-speed Hurst manual transsmission, nodular 9" differentials and competition suspensions, these Mustangs were purpose built. Firestone then modified these cars for duty at their world famous Ft. Stockton, Texas testing facility. Most Firestone modifications still exist, with the exception of the roll bar, hood pins and racing seat with harness, that were apparently removed prior to resale. Considered to be unrestored, this car has been mechanically and cosmetically reconditioned, while preserving as much originality as possible. To date, all documentation has been collected, verified and cross-referenced for authenticity. This car is truly a historically significant, rare find, worthy of museum display or vintage racing!

Both cars appear to have been sold again in 2022 for $25,000.00 and $25,250.00 according to Bring A Trailer.