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Mar 19, 2016
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South Africa
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73 Mustang Grande Coupe
HI Guys , so the backfire issue has been sorted , next up the tranny . 

Before I put the tranny in the car I bought a new clutch setup (C4) and new torque convertor. The Tranny also had a new filter and stuff fitted. This is the kit Raybestos Red Performance Transmission Rebuild , has new band , bushes and bearings and what not. 

Fitted it in the car and I think when I put the TC in I damaged the front seal because when started it was leaking out the front. Sent to get that sorted. The new problem is the following. 

1. Start in Park and she is fine , wheels are still. 

2. Start in Park , shift to R N or D and the wheels move FORWARD. this is using the shifter and not the manual changer on the box.

We are going to try the manual shift on the box to eliminate it being a linkage issue , but why would she still move the wheels in forward when in R. 

Suggestions on a postcard. 

What sort of rebuild was it ? Was it built right or just new parts thrown at it with no other measuring or checks ? Was the valvebody aligned correctly when fitted ? 

Were any bushes changed ? Endfloat checks ? Clutch clearances ? Band adjustments ? 

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