"What's it worth?" How do you respond?


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At car shows and C&C, I have 'The Book' out (with all the restoration pics) and every now and then I'll get asked that... and I have a range of sarcastic answers before finally saying, "There's no way I'd sell it after all it took to get to what you see here." If they persist, that's when I tell them, "If I'd bought a 2011 Super Snake instead when I first started the restoration, I would've actually saved a bunch." (Which, there's a little bit of truth to that statement, depending on if I'd counted sales tax and shipping on all the parts, and what I would've been charged for labor had someone else done the work). That usually shuts 'em up.
I had one guy at a car show that kept badgering me on behalf of a client looking for the exact 69 Shelby we had (GT500 Candyapple Red with factory Air Conditioning). He was not willing to accept that I would not be willing to sell it at some price. He insisted everyone had their price for anything. I finally told him he was right, that everyone had their price. I pointed out that per the Marti Report I had for the Shelby, only 6 1969 GT500s were build with the color and options we had. In my case, were I to sell it I would want to find one of the other 5 (where it was likely to be less than 5 that were still out there) and buy it IF the owner were willing to sell it. At best I might find one of them, at worst I would never own a 69 GGT500 to my liking again. So, given the risk and potential grief involved my price would be in the mid 6 figure range. "Like $500,000?" he asked. "Yes, like beginning at $500,000." He objected, and I told him he is the one who insisted on a price. That he felt it was too high was not my problem. Luckily he did not pursue by accepting my $500k figure... heh heh...

I was on the one hand flattered with the interest (it is not the first time someone insisted they had the funds to buy it if I was looking to sell). And it is not the first time I tried to tactfully decline the opportunity to sell it. It will likely be the last time I ever give a price acceptable to me, because had the one guy accepted my offer I would have been duty bound to sell it, and I really have absolutely no interest (or need) in doing so. Thus, in the future I will simply advise that unless someone interested is willing to put up 7 figures there is nothing to talk about. I think it is a fairly solid way to nicely say, "No, thank you."


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Selling prices? I really don't care that much, it doesn't matter. I bought right, and I really like the car.....I'd go so far as to say It's kinda "me", more so than any new car, and I've had it 33 years now. If the value tripled overnight, the car's not for sale. Like that girlfriend in your past you wished didn't get away, I'm not letting this car get away.
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