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Mar 11, 2024
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1973 ford mustang grande 351 CID 5.8L Cleveland
Hello everyone last night I hydroplaned at 35 mph lost control and absolutely destroyed my mustang. I loved this car so much I bought it myself I am still in highschool and I think either part it out or scrap it. IMG_5424.jpeg


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Did you have full coverage on it? If so, check what the insurance company wants for the buyback price. And Remember, it is the adjuster's job to screw you over. 99% of the time, their first offer is too low so dont accept it.
Well the thing is I’m 17 and we’re using Hagerty and my step dad said they might not cover it since it’s under his name so they aren’t reporting it.
Wow! Hope no one was seriously injured.
Depending on your insurance, you can rebuild or get a clean body and transfer the remaining good parts.
Just me in the car not a scratch on me but well the 351 is screwed
I feel your pain. Did the same thing with my 73 Grande. Didn't flip it, but caved in the A pillar on the drivers side.

Whatever happens, don't let the interior get soaked and rot/mold/mildew. Several members have been asking for avocado interior parts lately.
A not rusty coupe from out west would be perfect. Strip it, paint it and swap all your parts over.
Well the thing is I’m 17 and we’re using Hagerty and my step dad said they might not cover it since it’s under his name so they aren’t reporting it.
The most important thing is you were not injured, so the car and seat belts did their job and protected you! The car can be fixed or replaced but fixing or replacing you is a lot harder. Don't beat yourself up about the accident, these cars can be a handful when it is wet. When I was 16-21, I had a 73 daily driver and it went a little crazy on me more than a couple times. I was driving my girlfriend home in an ice storm at 17, and at like 15 MPH, the car went sideways and I took out a 4x4 fence post on my way into the ditch. Fortunately that was just a fender replacement and straighten the apron some. Accidents happen just take your time deciding what you want to do as far as repairing or parting your car, try not to make a knee-jerk reaction that you just might regret later.

As far as the car is concerned, if it is rust free shell you could most likely find a not so nice coupe as a roof donor. It could be a rusty one, unless they are vinyl roof cars, it seems most of the rust forms below the belt lines on our cars. Or like detritusmaximus suggested, swap all of your nice parts to a solid shell. You could probably find a solid rolling shell from the Southwest, rust free. I buy most of my cars from Las Vegas, because I lived there when I was younger and still have friends there that help with finding what I am looking for. But you could watch Craigslist for there, New Mexico, Southern Cali and Arizona for a solid rolling shell there are a lot of them posted from time to time.

I don't insure any of my cars with Hagerty for this reason, I have two of my four sons under twenty five years old and Hagerty wouldn't cover them. I prefer to let my wife and sons drive my cars when they care to and want to make sure they have insurance coverage. The other side of the coin is although we have stated value policies with All State I know they will bush me if one gets wrecked and they have to settle, State Farm already did that to me on an Impala SS that was stolen. Once my youngest hits twenty five I will switch to a Grundy or Hagerty type guaranteed value insurance company.
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