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Parts Wanted WTB C-6 kick down lever, 1972 Mustang


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Sep 30, 2010
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Mustang, OK.
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I went to install my new custom kick down rod only to discover that the lever was not there. I searched my garage for 2 hours trying to find it, no joy. So if someone has an extra they would sell, please let me know. I know NPD has them new however, reproduction parts have bitten me more than once. Thanks, Chuck
Hope you find one because it makes a huge difference in your driving experience 😊 I was pleasantly surprised when I installed mine and hit the go pedal from a roll the first time and smoke for some reason started coming from out back.
I just pulled a kickdown rod from a 73 Q code this afternoon. Let me get you pictures of it.
Mike, I was looking for the lever that bolts to the end of the selector shaft. I appreciate the response. I ordered one from the same guy who made a custom kick down rod to accommodate the taller intake and carb spacer. Chuck

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