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Aluminum gauge pods / shades - made by me.


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Seemed like there was some interest in these so I figured I’d put some up for sale.

They start out life as 2.5” OD .035” wall 6061 T6 aluminum tube.

I’m offering the uncut “blanks” for you to finish how you wish.  They are 1 3/32” deep, 2 1/2” in diameter and the hole for the gauge is 2 3/32” in diameter.  They are not finished, but have been scrubbed with scotchbrite.  Note they all have 3 marred spots from where the jaws of the chuck.  You can see this in the photo with the steel ruler (look next to the ruler).  The spots can be sanded out if you wish.

Flip them around however you wish, they can be used as a shade or “eyebrow” to keep your gauge from causing glare at night.  With them faced the other way you can contour them to fit whatever surface you wish to put an aftermarket gauge in.  I did this for my center console and I’ll post a pic below.  What they ultimately look like in the end is up to you.  They cut and form easily.  I suggest making a paper template, and cutting with your favorite rotary tool.  Brushed finish- polish- paint to your tastes.  

For a custom profile I suggest taking a 1 3/32” wide strip of paper 8” long, folding it in half and cutting it to your desired shape.  Unfold it and wrap it around the pod to see if you like it.

$20 each plus $8 shipping for a small USPS flat rate box (up to 6 fit).  Ships out of California.

PM me if you want some.







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These look nice! 

Two possibilites if the interest is high enough:

1. Add about a half an inch of stock and machine both ends. Then make a jig to "Baloney cut" them in half netting you 2 for just a bit more raw material.

2. Make a longer version to install gauges in a "Non" gauge flat center panel.

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