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1972 fast back, 302 2v, 14" tires.

What's the best looking tire size for my car, staying with the 14" rims? I've seen 225 or 235 60's or 70's and was wondering what would look better. These will be COOPER raised white letter tires. I have old beat up white walls on there now. The wheels "look" like Magnum 500's, but I'm pretty sure they're knock off's but they still look good.

Also replacing my springs with a kit from CJ. This is not a trailer queen, nor will I be doing any long distance driving, but I want to correct the stance, as it sits  low in the rear.  What do you think, 4 1/2 or 5 leafs? This is just a summer cruising car, so I don't need anything exotic............

I have redone the entire front suspension years ago, so I don't want to mess with that.

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I ran 225/70R14 for many years, as they were the same 26" diameter as the factory F70-14 tire. Rear springs are 429CJ replacements. I bought new tires last year due to the age of the 14" and decided not to invest any money in 14". Went with 15X8 steel wheels and 255/60 and 275/60 size tires, which I had run years ago on a previous car. 






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Factory 14” with 225 Cooper tires. Even my 71 J Code is still running the factory installed 14” tires, albeit with Firestone F70 wideovals. Both car’s are still on original rear springs.


"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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One of my pet subjects, rear springs. 

From personal experience, I'd stay away from Grab-A-Track (Scott Drake) springs. My experience was with 4 1/2 leaf standard eye G-A-T's, They were arched at least 1.5" too much, meaning I needed to temporarily install 1" lowering blocks to get the ass end close to where I wanted it. After that, I had the springs de-arched, but now they are reversing. making the rear even lower. I'll install Eaton Spring 153 lb springs next year. If you really want to buy those from CJ Pony, get mid-eye 4 1/2 leaf which should at least give you close to correct height. I think 5 leaf will be too harsh. Now, to be fair, I've not looked at the CJ sight to confirm my thought they are G-A-T's, but I'm pretty sure they might be.  Another brand of springs are Dayton and you can get 138 lb performance springs (#42331 I think) from RockAuto.com.  Dayton apparently make springs for other aftermarket brand names and that may include S/D, I could find nothing to confirm that.

As for tires on 14's, I run BFG's 235-60-R14 on 7" rims front  and 245-60-R14 on 8" rims rear. I like to look and feel of those sizes.

This is just my opinion, offering what I can. 





IMG_3667 (2).JPG


 I learn something new every day!

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