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On my 71, 351c 4v Mach1, I currently have a fuel filter between the tank and pump. I'd like to add one from the pump to the carb.

I believe my holley 4160 carb has a 9/16-24 inlet thread but the common screw in filters I see ( for ex NPD 9155-5 ) are for 7/8-20.

So, is there an adapter between the two thread sizes,  do I not put a filter between the pump and carb or, just use an inline filter with 5/16 hose barbs? What inline filters do people prefer (not glass or plastic)? I was trying to avoid the two cut pieces of hose by using a screw in filter.



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Im looking into in line threaded filters as well but have had no luck. I have a 2v Holley carb and the fuel line is rubber, filter is old and im replacing the pump due to a leak, so i would rather have an all new hook up. Just not sure what works. I was seeing those micron filters on CJ pony parts.


Let us know what works. Im still learning.


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Holy sh*t batman, they're expensive!!

I'm totally not up on Holley 4160's, so I can't be sure of the inlet areas, so I'll just throw this in here  for reference. On the 4150, there are sintered bronze filters inside the connector to the carb fuel bowl, red arrows. (I ought to do some research on the 4160 to be sure). If you do need to use rubber hose and I'm sure you already know this, use Fuel Injector grade hose as it's somewhat ethanol resistant and please use proper fuel line clamps, no gear clamps!!! I'm also pretty sure I have seen small steel inline filters with hose attachment fittings rather than screw in.

Just for reference, here's a pic of my fuel line setup on the 4150. Mine has a steel inline filter between the apron and pump (no pic, sorry). Some say not to put one there, but I have never had any fuel pressure or flow issues with it there. After the pump would be best, but there just isn't much room there to put the larger inline filter, so it is what it is. The second pic is the 3/8" line to carb showing little room for an inline filter after the pump. The rubber hose was necessary to connect and act as a vibration reducer.


fuel line1.JPG

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 I learn something new every day!

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try to avoid the filter between tank and pump. The mechanical pump does what it is named, it pumps; sucking is not what it is meant for. :biggrin:

Cheers Frank

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I don't recommend the billet micro screen type, but if you go that route make sure you have the necessary (probably metric) wrenches to open it on the road when that little screen clogs up.




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