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Hey yall, 

Replacing my fuel pump and have to upgrade it. Any idea what size fitting the fittings are? 

Also looking to replace the fuel line that runs from my 2 valve Holley carb to fuel filter and to fuel pump. I think i want to go with this... 

Any tips on how to replace it and do i have to cut it and place the fuel filter in between carb and fuel pump?

Any info is appreciated it.







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Did any fittings come with the pump? It looks like you need a fitting to the hardline on the output and a barbed fitting on the inlet side. Those look like maybe 1/4" NPT fittings. 

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Is that a Holley pump? I took one off that was pumping gas into my crankcase hole in the diaphragm put a carter type back on. I guess you can order a new rubber but I did not have time.


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