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Center gauge lighting is not visible

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I'm aware that the lighting of the instruments leaves something to be desired. However, I think I must be doing something wrong. I installed a set of led lights on the gauge/speedo cluster. I wasn't impressed with what ever improvement there may have been. I plan on looking into grounding and possibly the dimmer switch to improve that issued.

The problem I'm trying to sort out now is the center gauge lighting.  I installed two new type 194 lamps, oem style. They appear to put out a good amount of light. When I placed the bezel on the pod, I could see no lighting of the gauges at all. I had my hands cupped around a gauge and peered through my hand and saw no light. With the amount of light being put out by these bulbs, I should see something.  I can only see one way that the pod assembly, gauges, and bezel can be assembled. I must be doing something wrong.



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The light reflects off of the back side of the front bezel, and it is best to see the effect at night.  During the day, you'll be hard-pressed to see any of the dash lamps.

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I replaced mine with LEDs and everything looks great! Here are some options for getting the factory color or other colors, if desired.



Actually for the center gauges, I installed these which are really bright and dimmable.


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,thanks Steve,,

it was the Hipo elite lights I installed behind my instrument cluster. Very disappointing after all the work of removing and installing.  

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I'm not sure if it was you I recommended Elite series LED's to, or another member. Regardless, I misspoke, got myself confused. I should have recommended the Hi-Po Parts EXTREME series II which are much brighter and dimmable. I apologize for this error. 

Also if you are getting NO light on the center gauges, two things, no power or bulbs inserted wrong way around, these are polarity specific.


 I learn something new every day!

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