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Im trying to understand and redo some of the wiring the former owner did.

So this is what I wonder.

From the battery + the cable goes into the solenoid (both connected at same side on the solenoid) and from the solenid it goes to a device called circuitbreaker 12 v 40 A. Found out that nothing happened when i turned the key. So i bypassed that circuit breaker with a wire (the yellow one on the pic) suddenly it started.


Is that good or what could happen?


Im not sure when I look at the wiring diagram that I find that circuit breaker and it looks not professional connected as you can se at the picture.

Could circuitbreaker be the one that the pink pen is pointing?

And also what does it mean when the line is dashed (white pen)?







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The circuit breaker is only for the accessory feed wire, which is completely separate from the main harness and I don't see it in your pics. It is used to power the hood lamp, power windows, rear defrost etc., and has nothing to do with powering the main harness. 

It looks like you have a gauge package car and the junction block appears to be broken. The 73 wiring diagrams are a complex mess and can be very confusing. I recommend you clean the wires so the colors are visible, and get a replacement block so you can hook things up to the diagram. I've attached the 71 wiring diagram with gauges, which is a lot easier to understand. 


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I believe the dashed lines signifies optional circuits, depending on how the car was equipped, as with gauges or with warning lights.

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“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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You can't run a car with a 40 amp circuit breaker between the battery and the main power input line.  Your fuse box capacity is well above that.  Hemikiller is on the mark.

Let me check your shorts!




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Found out on the wiring diagram that where the circuit breaker is that on that wire bk-y d there is some xtra equipment that i dont have on my fastback.

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