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72 Mach 1 H code Gold Glow in Melbourne Australia.

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Wow, what a beautiful car! Congratulations! 

I am a little biased to Gold Glow :thumb:

Please keep us up to dated and document all its originality.



Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :runninpony:

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Congratulations on getting a beautiful car. I really do like that color. 




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Nice! I love the color!

Do they still have the big indoor car show this time of the year? I forget the name of the place. I attended when I visited 26 years ago. I rode Puffing Billy out to Emerald Lake as well. 


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Thanks for the kind words guys..

I have updated my blog again this arvo with a heap more pictures. I also got the standard Marty report emailed to me today and the car has all the items listed apart from a small upgrade to a AM/FM radio. The rest is all there. Not a huge list of options, but hey.. that's what makes the car. (See my blog for the data)
Have pictured all the original stickers, tags etc from the car and put them on the blog. Also pictured some of the original doco on the blog also. Im keen for you guys to help with some questions I have..

Is the spare tyre / wheel I have original from 1972? 

Can someone advise if the part number on the carby is correct for a H code 351 2v. It still has the 2 on the heads.

Can someone advise if the part number on the alternator is correct for a H code non AC car?

Was the fan shroud originally fiberglass. If so, I think the one on the car is original. Ignore the awful colour of the radiator. It needs a repair. (on my to do list)

I also keen to understand what the original 7/72 belt buckles should look like. The one on the left (Below) is the same on the passenger seat and the rear seats. The driver side has a round button. So is different. Any clues as to what is correct for my car? Also keen to see original looking shoulder belts and how they hook up. I have seen some pictures of cars where the shoulder strap looks up along the top of the drivers window. Mine has a elastic strap (perished and all hard) that I think is used to look onto a clip behind here the shoulder strap is bolted to the roof on a hook that looks like a coat hanger hook..? Any info re the seat belts would be appreciated. I need to replace them due to Australian design rules and am keen to get them re made to look right but also be compliant with my local laws.

Any help would be appreciated.










See my blog for more pictures. - https://72mach1mustang.blogspot.com/


20210409_173046 (Large).jpg

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On the fan shroud, yes it is a fiber glass material. It was not painted, but now they are old and grey, like me, I refinished mine by a thorough cleaning, then "spritzing" on a very light coat of SEM Trim Black, followed by a light coat of semi-gloss clear coat. Not a concours finish, but looks good with the hood closed. I actually just picked up a near perfect one recently as the original had a crack on the top that, even carefully repaired, still showed in certain lights. Here's a pic. before and after (1582.1.)




 I learn something new every day!

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1 hour ago, bdennis said:

Thanks for the info Geoff.

Re the spare tyre, I dont plan on using it and plan on putting a current tyre on it. Was just curious to see if it was a 1972 vintage..

I don't think I have a pic of it, but I have the original Firestone E70-14 spare tyre (tire here) for my car that has never been on the car, let alone the road and still has the factory paint/ink markings on it. I believe Firestone where the main supplier back then, but I was still living in England then, so what would I know!


 I learn something new every day!

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Couple items I will speak to. The tire would not be a factory install. Note the condition of the lug bolt holes the angles are worn and you can see where the lug wrench scraped it. Back then you could specify what brand tire you wanted. I asked for Goodyear and got them but if you did not you usually got Firestone. Your marti would show if specified.
As far as age of tires go I have a 1950 Ford with the original tires and they all still hold air with tubes in them. I would never change them.
The seat belts came in two versions. The one in the pic is the standard type. Again your marti will show if they upgraded to deluxe which was brushed chrome with square button and had covers on the inner belt.
When I do the plastic parts like the fan shroud I wash off any rattle can paint a previous owner might have applied and blast the surface with walnut shells at a low pressure. This evens back out the surface finish works great on heater box and under fender splash guards. I wash off again then spray with satin clear will look brand new.
The marti will also show if you got HD battery with larger amp alternator. That one looks stock and original.
Here is what the original Goodyear RWL looks like I have on my 73 for shows. That is an original space saver spare tire inflated for cleaning. Lucas tire in the US has exclusive rights to Goodyear, Cooker pissed them off. Those are the 1973 Factory Forged Aluminum Wheels a 73 only option.
You have the sport wheel covers be sure when you do get tires that you tell them those are hub caps not real wheels. I would stand there am make sure they pull them off. Many have been ruined when an idiot tire changer puts an air wrench on the fake lugs on the caps and either twists them or breaks them. I have one that all 5 are twisted.


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Thanks for the info. Most appreciated.

My Marti report does not list any seat belt upgrade or battery upgrade.

Now to find out where the square button belts came from.

As for the hub caps.. Yes I have been warned about the lugs being broken off. I will probably remove them before I take them anywhere.

If the car was ordered with the Sport Deck Rear Seat, does this mean it automatically got the space saver rear wheel? The wheel bracket is off to the right in the trunk (Passenger side).

The spare I have down just fits into the trunk with hardly any room for anything else.. (LOL)... 

The Marti report lists these are the options.

- Body Side Tape Stripes

- California Emission System

- E70X14 Belted White Sidewall Tires

- Power Steering

- Sport Deck Rear Seat

- AM Radio

- Tinted Glass

- Sports Wheel Covers

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Sport deck does put the spare to the right, also F60-15 option that requires the space saver spare

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Here is a pic of the space saver in place and will door down. A couple of the pictures before I cleaned the car up. The Space Saver spare is a BF Goodrich thing. Had an inflation canister to pump up on the car. There was a recall on them to put in a pop off valve. Some people got injured and maybe a couple deaths. They were pumping up using compressor and the tires would explode. It is not easy to find the right year for our cars and quite expensive also. You have to be careful I see ads on E-bay stating for 71 -73 but actually from later model in Lincoln and also Granada. Markings are different on the side they can easily go for $600 USD. The canisters are also hard to find you can get a repo label and repaint the old if you have it. I did not have a pic with the canister in the car the spring on the spare tire mount is what holds the canister your trunk lid should have a sticker showing location and how everything goes in.
If you do buy a space saver spare make them inflate and show that it is not rotten. If kept in the dark out of sun they do hold up pretty good no cracks in mine.




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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Thanks for the info and the pictures. Most helpful.

I wont worry out the space saver. Will just have to put a full size in there and manage with the lack of space..

The picture also helped me understand that the 2 flat parts on the floor of the trunk are for.,. (ie the stand for the folded down rear seat door.

Of interest, what colour would you say the paint in the trunk is. Mine has a fair bit of surface rust so may need to clean it up and paint it.

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The trunk paint was a water based spatter paint. I have never found anything even near the original. They use to have it but like so much other paint stuff EPA made it go away. There are several mfg's of the trunk spatter paint out there. You would need to take the rust off and prime before you put the spatter paint on.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Very nice car and gratz on getting it. Enjoy it for many years!

Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence are three very different things.

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35 minutes ago, 71 gbvert said:

That is very cool documentation!  Looks like it was financed through the LA police credit union too.

Thanks for the info.. I wondered what the police reference was.

Am doing a search to see if I can find the original owner..


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