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Vehicles For Sale 1972 Mach 1 Project Car FS


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Apr 24, 2013
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My Car
1971 J Code Mach 1
1972 H Code Mach 1
I bought this car from a former co-worker's uncle in 2013, it spent all of its time in the Cincinnati area and has some rust issues because of that. Its a shame because otherwise the car is in great shape. When I got it it had been disassembled in the 80's for a repaint and never put back together. Tried to get it running briefly but was unsuccessful.

Door Sticker RS.jpg

351 2V, FMX, 2.75 open rear, AC, PDB, PS, red exterior with red interior, body side tape stripe car. Base interior, no center gauges.

Car is currently in pieces and still needs a lot of rust repair. The worst area of which is the passenger side shock tower bottom and frame rail. Honestly this is what stalled work on the car as when I found this I got demoralized debating on how best to fix it given I wanted to be able to abuse the car when (if?) I ever got it back together. Note that the entire top of the frame rail is gone:


So along with the shock tower repair on the right front it also needs aprons (all four, I have NOS fronts and repop rears) and patching of the shock tower tops under the apron flanges. In the rear it will need lower quarters/ trunk drops and a tail light panel. At some point it had a sunroof put in. Door corners have rust, I think I still have a pair of parts doors for patches but I'll have to check. I'm sure I have all of the pieces but its been apart for 30+ years so who knows.

I have replaced the passenger side floor and added integrated subframe connectors and patched the lower cowl and replaced the cowl top panel.

This was my long term project but I keep finding reasons not to work on it so it sits. I have most of a 72 fastback parts car that has decent quarters and a roof for replacement panels. I have a lot of extra parts that could go with car. Located in metro Detroit. I will throw $3500 OBO out there. I would like to see it go to somebody that will get it fixed up as I don't when I will. The pictures are a few years old but it doesn't look any different.



PS Subframe Conn.JPG


Looks familiar, a 1971 M code 4 speed, in in the back of the shop, for 2 years.