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2 hours ago, Stanglover said:

Sorry John, I disagree. There is a need to remove that fitting to replace the sintered filter inside. However, that is assuming the QF is the same as Holley it that regard.

They don’t have those.

John - 72 Q Code

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+1 on the needle and seat. It could be something in the needle and seat or it could have developed a "stick". I have seen both several times over the years. Chuck

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18 minutes ago, jpaz said:

They don’t have those.

 Really, I did not know that having not owned a QF carb....... yet! Thanks for the insight John.

Still if ever one does need to change inlet fuel lines, they are still hard to get a wrench on unless of course, there is a "special" type I'm not aware of. (if there is I want one!)


 I learn something new every day!

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Just information for those with fuel lines plumbed for 6AN fittings, AED Performance in Richmond VA. carries a 7/8 x 20 x 6AN bowl inlet fitting that has a 11/16 hex to tighten. Will not fit the 'Ultra" series bowls (they use an 8AN thread). You will need to call them as it does not appear in the catalog that I can see. Chuck

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