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14" Beauty Rings


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Spike Morelli

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Apr 12, 2015
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Formerly Los Angeles, now Boise, Idaho
My Car
1971 Mustang Mach 1 ram air 351c H-code, fmx, ps,pb, medium yellow-gold, hubcaps and beauty rings.
Holy Cow! I've been driving my '71 Mach 1 for 30 years now, the car has seen me through raising 2 kids, two career changes , a horrible divorce, a fantastic second marriage, the passing of  friends, family members, a war, etc, etc.  if you've seen my posts on this site, you'd know that this Mustang has been my ONLY car, driven every day, for the last 3 decades. Just recently, someone ran a red light and just tagged the right rear quarter of my car.. I know, I know, it's almost unbearable and a cryin' shame, however, it's in the shop and getting put back in shape again. What all of this is leading up to is...………..doesn't ANYONE have a 14"original beauty ring, "cherry", that they would part with and sell to me??????  The rim, hubcap, and beauty ring got bent up. I had an extra rim, and I found a nice dog dish hubcap for sale and bought that, but I need the last piece. My car is all original, and deserves to have this part replaced, but, it seems, no one has any to sell. COME ON , please guys, anyone out there who may have one , or a whole set if need be, please, PM me, …...I would never in a million years believe that this part is so illusive. There's 100 to 1 of the owners that are running Magnums or aftermarket rims, that I gotta believe half of the people on this site could likely have 14" beauty rings somewhere in their garage that they took off their car.

Seriously, let me know , my baby needs it...….

Hopefully someone will find one for you soon. Sorry to hear about the car being hit. Chuck


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