1965 K-code Mustang Repair


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Got a little bit more done on the 65. Got the rest of the front end cut of and some of the area wire wheeled and prepped. Got a lot of patches to make. Found quite a few holes. The old girl is pretty rough. I cut out a couple old patches and found alot of rot.  I will end up replacing the passenger side floor support too.  I should be able to save driver side.  But it will need a big patch on bottom. Well here’s a few pics. Hope to get some more done this week. 1B71D5DB-A5C0-4BEF-8251-7E1E098A5A85.jpeg1C18C9F9-EBBC-4236-9796-C42872C18FD3.jpegAB62F6BC-CD94-49F5-A4BF-475369548FD2.jpegA2683B30-0DC9-4C2A-97DC-40FA137688D1.jpeg29254A37-ADB4-4B37-A5C4-5A385E1150A3.jpegD9604AAC-D617-4668-AA3E-6795AA81B059.jpeg267EA10F-1495-43A0-962F-2C48385E7BF7.jpeg9D688DC9-BF76-4B64-827E-BD388F7B84FE.jpeg82E60DF1-ECDB-4BCA-84A6-3625FD14A96F.jpegC9893ED3-E6DA-4989-9238-AD7EC591CED4.jpeg1CD450F3-349D-4B9B-9A89-D06AE66B40A1.jpeg2BD29585-C166-4B59-9CF2-70047F518CB7.jpeg

Looking good Kevin. A ton of work but will be worth it to save another one. Let's face it, you had to fix it, there wasn't enough metal left for a scrap yard to take it!!

I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing this one finished. I am anyway.

Been pretty busy with work last few weeks and haven’t had much of a time to work on the 65. Also was waiting on parts to come in. So I got the side cowl panel replaced and got the floor supports screwed in and fitted. Got most of the front end fitted. Now I can hang the fenders and hood and do final adjustments and get some screws in the final position. Then I will blow it all apart prep for weld then put it all back together and weld her up! Here’s some pics! 


Got some panels fit tonight. Put a few self tapping screws in to hold it all together. Now I will tear it all apart again, grind and prep weld area, and start welding! Getting closer! 2050014D-8C12-4C5D-BBAD-1E1CC4EFABB2.jpegB6A6FA98-E71B-4DD5-9E51-F979AF9E9BAF.jpegCC6795C0-18CE-4505-8E85-B6DB2CEDFFBF.jpegE911C8A6-2E57-4059-A039-7C9111740A96.jpeg54DD6752-BB25-4C28-BC57-E24F7676DDD0.jpeg670C144D-9C41-4EB5-9505-FFC2195E1510.jpeg

Got the 65 blown apart, prepped and ground for welding. Put it all back together and check fit again. Everything seemed to line up well. Then weld, weld, weld! Just finished up all the welding. Now I need to spend a day grinding the spot weld and checking where I need to touch up some welds.  Then seam seal and shoot everything with epoxy primer. Finally get to start putting this thing back together. 


Got all the spot welds ground down today. Got the strut rod brackets welded in. Swapped the vin number in. And started fitting the Monterey Carlo bar.  It’s starting to come together. 43AA6A16-497A-4F38-9ABA-7F42C18D7625.jpeg38F32910-997F-4860-8714-5421B87DE1BC.jpegA9EE02B3-1BD1-423E-A962-A95912E4E53B.jpeg22E3FE37-4828-47FA-B1DC-377135E936B9.jpegA2B5D309-F6F3-4757-9B96-6C1F3233F9DD.jpeg2D62CE33-0593-4CED-A3A4-817DDAD8133C.jpeg


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It's name is a Monte Carlo bar, not Monterey Carlo bar.

Lookin' real good!

Looking really good Kevin. Front end nearly done, what's the ass end like? Or is that a story for another day?
The back isn't too bad. The rear frame rails were replaced at some point. Trunk pan, drop offs, rear quarters, and floor pans have all been replaced. Not the prettiest work but its solid.  

On another note....... what do you guys think something like this should cost??  I am detailing, cleaning and painting all the parts as I am reassembling them also. So it should look pretty good once its back together. Just in front sheetmetal and and small parts he is around $2,200 or so into it.  By the time it is done, Im going to have a ton of hours in this thing. 

Keep a log of your time working on the car. When you are done, do the math at a few different hourly rates to see what seems reasonable to you. The last time I worked on something for money (4 years ago) I charged $55.00 per hour plus the cost of parts. You work is impressive. Chuck

Keep a log of your time working on the car. When you are done, do the math at a few different hourly rates to see what seems reasonable to you. The last time I worked on something for money (4 years ago) I charged $55.00 per hour plus the cost of parts. You work is impressive. Chuck
Thanks! Yeah Chuck. That’s what I usually do. I usually charge $35/hr. But on this project I was lazy with my time keeping, and to be honest I have lost track. I was guessing 100 hrs when I first looked at it but as we all know you always find more wrong. So I know I will be over that estimate. I was guessing $3500-4000 for labor plus materials. 

I'd keep the customer informed of the additional things you find that need to be fixed and prepare him for a higher labor bill. The "Big Surprise" at the end doesn't work very well for either party. Chuck


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