429/460 TJ header questions


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May 30, 2011
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Pittsburgh, PA
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'71 Sportsroof
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Hi all,

It's been a while, but I still have and am working on my '71 "lifetime" Sportsroof project.

Basically wondering if there have been any new header offerings in the past few years for a 460/C8 heads w/dished piston/Performer intake/Lunati Bracket Master/C6 combo. I searched here but didn't see anything promising. A shorty header is preferred, but do not want the multi piece Hooker style long tubes due to undercar clearance issues and living in war torn Pittsburgh. I wrote off FPA shorties a while back after reading about more than one steering box clearance issue (I refuse to whack on any of 'em).

I called Sanderson years ago regarding fitment on their offerings, and received a curt "uhhh, I don't know" for an answer. Further questioning and asking for additional assistance got me a very unenthusiastic nowhere. There's a new Patriot "universal" and a China knock-off version on the auction site, but look to me to be dumping pretty far forward and vertical... as in steering box and/or engine mount problems.

I'll build my own if it comes down to it. I have the Lincoln manifolds that came with the engine, and am not even sure that the outlets will clear since the engine is not in the car yet.