72 Sports roof missing rubber grommet under carpet both foot wells


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Apr 3, 2021
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Melbourne, Australia

Today curiosity got the better of me and I went in search of the build sheet under the carpet of my 72 Mach 1.

Im happy to say I found it and reasonably in 1 piece. In fact I found 2.. One in the drivers side foot well and the other on the drivers side just in front of the rear seat on the tail shaft hump..

20210530_141255 (Large).jpg20210530_133740 (Large).jpg

So that was a nice find.

My main question is.. There is provision for a grommet in the floor on both the front foot wells. When I lifted the carpet and the sound deadening, I found both to not have the rubber grommet installed. I'm of the belief that the carpet has not been out of the car nor the sound deadening. So I think they were not installed from factory and this may be to enable any water to escape.. But this does not sound right.

Here are a few pictures of the foot well with the sound deadening removed showing the holes..

20210530_191658 (Large).jpg20210530_191827 (Large).jpg

Fortunately the body on my 72 is in great shape with no floor rust.. But an curious to understand why there are no grommets?

Also, the small surface rust on the passenger side is coming from the heater core I think. The sound deadening is damp so have left it out to dry for now and will run the engine to see if water comes in..

Can the heater box and full dash panel be removed with the windscreen in place as I think I may have to fix the heater core.. 

Yes you can remove the dash and heater box with the windshield installed.  It's a good time to inspect the cowl and make any repairs while you have access. 

The bodies were dipped prior to painting.  The holes in the floor are to allow the solution to drain out.  I think you are correct that the grommets were left out during assembly.  By the way - those floors look GREAT!


Thanks for the info.. So there should be grommets in there.. I will arrange to get some before putting the carpet back in.

As for the floor.. Yeh, the car has a very solid body. California originally and then Texas at some point. Now in Australia and will be garaged.

It has some rust in the bottom of the rear quarter panels and that's the only place rust exists other than surface rust.

Thanks again.