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May 10, 2019
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1973 Mustang Convertible and a 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang convertible
I got a center console for the 73. I modified the shifter area, it comes with a big hole for the original shifter to fit in. I was just wondering if this looks OK or should I do something else to it.


I think it looks super nice! Out of curiosity, any complaints from your passenger? Looks like the cup holder area might be intruding into the leg/hip room a bit?

I have a similar set up in my '72, don't know about passengers but I know my wife will not complain IF she ever rides in it.  I made my P R N D 1 2 light up when I made my plate.

console plate 024.JPG

console plate 021.JPG

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No complaints from the wife. She likes the extra storage and she still has plenty of room

Yours Looks great.
Thanks, toying with the idea of trying to dye the vinyl green.  Went with black because A.  No green offered   B.  Dash, steering wheel, etc.  are all black.  May look into the green.  here is a somewhat full picture so show the armrest.    I had originally gotten a standard size one from NPD, made by TMI that had the two cupholders but those cupholders were so small  they would only fit a small water bottle or coke can.  The cup holders on this one are a good size.  Luckily for me NPD messed up my order on the regular size console and sent a tan one instead of green.  So being I did not like the cup holders I sent it back for a refund and bought this one.  And because the seller showed a picture of this console but made for an earlier Mustang it was not what I expected so she gave me a refund of $40!!  The earlier ones like mine had an area cut put for change, phone, etc.  That would have been in the area where you see most of my SS colored plate. And even though she admitted the picture was incorrect for the 71-73 console she still has not corrected it on her web site.  Mine wa $270 when I got it about 6 months ago, before the $40 refund.https://www.cupholdersplus.com/1971-1973-ford-mustang-humphugger-console.html

constole2 001.JPG

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Out of curiosity, why does this fit fastback and coupe only? What is different about my convertible?

Yes, mine is a convertible and it fits fine.

Cool, I didn't think there was a difference, but the website only lists fitting in the fastback and coupe.

I like the look of it. Can you take a picture from farther away that will show the seats and the whole console?

Did it come with the stainless steel plate around the shifter? What about the textured panel over the stainless steel? Did you add this? What about the Ford logo?

Thank you.


Any chance on the plate of cutting two holes for 2 usb ports to charge phones?

Even behind the plate on the form area would work.

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Lots of room to mount things in the plate.  I chose not to, while the console is certainly not stock I did not want to put a lot of modern things in it and I do not need a USB that often.   The top stainless looking plate came with the console, see the stock pic in one of my above posts.  That piece is more of a stainless very thin material over probably abs plastic.  The black ABS plastic sheet I made for the shifter area with the lights came from Amazon.  I am thinking in the future of re-doing that, using the opening the console comes with where normally the round  shifter plate our cars come with goes but putting in a leather boot over the shift handle and having the P R N D 1 2 lights mounted somewhere else.  That Ford emblem is a draw pull from Hobby Lobby I cut the back off of. With these consoles one drawback is there is no way to lock them down,  they sit there loose.  I made a square U piece, screwed the two feet of that to the floor and then one screw under the stainless looking plate into that.  It is now solid and does not move. ***After looking at these pics I just bought a can of SEM green vinyl dye, black stands out too much!!!




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I love the button head stainless fasteners! I did the same throughout my interior. Slightly different twist on my console. I used a TKO 5 speed and a hand e-brake and two stainless cupholders.  I also placed switches for the fog lamps and auxiliary fan along with a check engine light (needed for fuel injection and EEC-IV). I later trimmed out the e-brake by fabbing a stainless plate with button heads. 

Your console looks great. Rule #42 in the Book of Customizing. "Ignore passenger complaints". 


 I recently added a dash emblem to the console to give it a little style. 



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