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The trim would be ruined and could never go back to factory tonneau cover. Would look like a boat with the top up, and new ones are cheap.
Thanks for your input. My hesitation is making holes in the trim as you said. The look I don't mind, I've had 64.5, 2-66's, 68 Convertibles and they use snaps and work well. I'm going to try and repair mine or like you said just buy a new one, The Vinyl is in great shape just the plastic is breaking off. Thanks again.
I've never had an issue with the plastic tabs fitting and holding properly. My problem with the repro boot covers is that the snaps which attach it to the rear seat side panels pull out of the plastic backing that is sewn into the boot cover. To get around that annoyance, I use a small flat-blade screwdriver to carefully pry the snaps off instead of pulling on them. It gets me by. I never had that problem with the original Ford boot cover (which wore out decades ago, unfortunately).

I would not drill holes in the top well chrome trim for snaps! Yes, it would look like a boat, and those trim pieces are getting harder and harder to find in nice condition.
Thanks, the plastic pieces are breaking. Probably the Florida heat, the vinyl is on great shape. Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to remove the chrome or at least loosen it enough to see what is making it difficult to slide under. Especially on each side of the car by the rear windows. Otherwise I'll just buy a new boot. Anyone recommend a brand.
When my car was only 8 or so years old, and I was a much younger man, my father got me a new boot as a birthday present. This is before they were available, at least easily, as a replacement. The upholstery shop drilled my trim and put in the snaps.
It is MUCH easier to put on the cover with snaps. The snaps do take away from the original clean look both when the boot is on and off.

Years later I removed the snaps and bought an aftermarket cover. My trim still has holes in it, it's one of the things I mean to replace one day. I drive the car a lot less now so the time required to put the cover on is less of a problem. Always easier when the temps are a bit warmer. With the snap on cover I could be done in no time and on my way.

With the non-snapping after market cover I do, on occasion, have the cover slip off at the driver front outside corner. This happens when I pick up speed. With the snaps this was never an issue.

To the OP. When you remove the trim to inspect the gap, i do believe there are 'special' retainers that are used to help provide the gap for the boot.
Great info, thanks. I don't mind the snap look either but also like staying original and a good point was made about finding new hockey stick chrome (I think that's what its called) if I change my mind down the road. I've owned several Mustang, different years and other classic all convertibles. The car rarely gets driven with the top up. Top is up when not in use and if I need to take the shop.
I may be an outlier, but my 73 looks better without the cover. I have the original cover and it's 100% functional, but I prefer the folded down look without it.

Not to mention, if I park in the sun for a while I always put the top up (without latching) to shade the black interior. This is a 5 second operation without the cover.

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