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Mar 30, 2022
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73 Black conv.
Hi all again. Could a kickdown lever stuck in kickdown mode not allow the C6 trans to go into reverse? The car will go forward but not shift properly in those gears as well. The resto shop had to put a Holley extension kit on the carb end of the kickdown lever since it was to short. Should I have the restoration shop disconnect the kickdown lever and see if that corrects reverse? If that doesn't help then should I just go ahead and have them replace the vacuum modulator as well since it is 50 years old? The shop says the engine is producing adequate vacuum at the modulator hose end. The shop is stumped and is getting in touch with a transmission shop to investigate the problem. It worked fine before it was removed for an engine rebuild. I am hoping to avoid a tear down, etc. Should I bother with any of these ideas? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
I think if they needed an extension kit to fit the holley carb, then they should be smart enough to not hook it up with the kick down engaged, but by all means, disconnect it just to eliminate it as a problem.
Has the trans been "revised"? The KD lever should be spring loaded when free, easy to turn. If ok and trans worked before the revision, then it sounds as if the valves body has not been placed back properly, too loose or over torqued. If it doesn't seal properly to the casing, the ports (body to valve body) are not (well enough) connected and leak preventing the direct clutch (reverse) and the others to no pressurise its piston.