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Parts For Sale Cobra Jet 429 Tri Power Intake


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Jul 18, 2017
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My Car
1967 Coupe Pro Street Full Tub Shelby Style Hood, 1970 Mach 1 Pro Street Full Tub. Needs Paint. 1970 Boss 302, Needs Restored. 1971 Fastback Old Drag Car, recently purchased building to put back on the track. 1972 Convertible Ram Air, needs restored. 1973 Mach 1 460 Engine, Driver.

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For sale is a New Ford Prototype 429 Cobra 🐍 Jet Intake for 3x2s. Guys, I’m 68 years old and bought this Intake about 4 or 5 years ago and had Never seen one before and didn’t even know these were ever made.
Thought someone might like to have this.

I had hoped to find a nice Big Block Car to use this on but haven’t been able to and now have moved on to building a 71 Fastback Drag Car.
The Prototype parts were numbered with a $ sign and a number for which one it was. This manifold is $1. Number 1, it’s the first prototype intake of the kind. Picture will show the scribed symbol next to the SK casting number. It is clear to see this intake has never been used but may have been bolted on a display engine. I’m asking $8,500 for the manifold. I will ship for actual cost. This intake is a little different from other 3x2s intakes. The 289 the 390s and 406 intakes are designed for 350 CFM Carbs. This Cobra Jet Intake is designed for 500 CFM Carbs front and rear and 350 CFM in the Center but you could use 350 Carbs on all locations. Since my purchase of this intake I have seen a couple others in collections with Vacuum operated Chrysler Six Pack Carbs. I have heard of some with Mechanical Carbs and I have a set of Six Pack Mechanical Carbs that are 500 CFM outer and 350 CFM Center. I will sell the 3 Carbs for $1,500.
Please call me or text for questions as I just don’t have time to sign on to all the Forums right now. Mike Rowland in North Carolina 704-516-8033. Thanks.


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Could not get the carb pictures posted with ad


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