Did all 1972 Machs come with competition suspension?


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Nov 18, 2011
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I have read that all 1972 Mach 1's came with competition suspension. I thought it was an option?

Short answer:
All 71-73 Mach 1s came with the Competition Suspension standard and it will not show on the Marti Report as an option.

Long answer:
What that consisted of depended upon the engine and steering option. 2V cars received uprated springs and shocks, and the variable ratio steering box if optioned with power steering. The 4V engine Mach 1s (or any 71-73 ordered with a 4V engine) will also get the staggered rear shocks, rear sway bar and a larger front bar.

There have been examples of cars that should not have received staggered shocks getting them. I believe @giantpune has a 351-2V car with them.
I believe the Mach 1s did all come with the more robust " competition suspension" , stock. The four-barrel , and Boss cars I believe had the staggered shocks. I think the Boss and other 4-speed cars probably had even heavier leaf springs, but don't quote me on that. Some of the guys here have the factory part numbers to show what was on what.
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For those unfamiliar with the '72 Sprint content, the "B" package included Magnum 500 wheels, F60 x 15" tires, and competition suspension for $347.46. The white letter tires and Magnum wheels took an already sharp-looking car to another level!
The competition suspension was a mandatory option on any F60 x 15" tire-equipped vehicle (standard on Boss 351). The F60 x 15" tire option with steel wheels or Magnums and the competition suspension was N/A on the 250 6-cyl models.

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