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Hi - the quote for machining is $ 300 and the shop owner has done work for me for 30 plus years and runs 6 second dragsters. Add the cost of studs and guide plates and I am still under $ 600. This also allows me to change the cam as I have no idea what is currently in there. I may have to buy pushrods and will buy full roller rockers but will have a great engine when done. I can also sell the existing heads to recover some of my expenses. Which valves were the issue - intake or exhaust? I looked at some manly units online and may go that route. Thanks
It sounds like you have been fortunate enough to be connected to a good, old school, machinist. Some things I like to do when having head work done is installing bronze valve guides, installing hardened steel valve seats, using one piece valves (all 16) like HemiKiller so wisely suggested, and installing Perfect Circle "real" valve guide seals as opposed to using the upside umbrella, oem style oil deflectors. Unless you are running on a track, or otherwise racing with the car, I see no need to port and polish the already large ports in the head.
I have also found a 4 bolt block that has been tanked, painted and is 30 over. Cam bearings are installed as well. The caps all seem to be 4 bolt however someone previously told me that only the center 3 caps were usually 4 bolt caps. This one seems to have 4 bolts on all caps - is this something done by a machine shop maybe? The gentleman also has the crank which is standard and the rods as well as the CJ pan and oil pickup and the timing cover and fuel pump cam etc. He is looking for $ 1500.00 Canadian for everything - Thoughts? Thanks


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