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Apr 14, 2024
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Hartland, WI
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73 H Code Convertible 351C Medium Brown metallic
Good morning

New member here from WI - got my 73 H code medium brown metallic convertible last year out of Mississippi and have been having an absolute blast! Made some aesthetic upgrades with the Mach1 decals and honeycomb rear panel. Looking forward to seeing/discussing our beautiful machines!

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Welcome from So Cal, that’s an interesting color. Do you know if it’s original or the story behind it!
Hello Steve - marti report shows it rolled off the dealer lot in Atlanta in March of ‘73. Color code is 5H Medium Brown Metallic. It was repainted once same factory color in the late 80s.

I was initially skeptical of it, but have come to love the look. In person, it shows more as a gold/auburn brown. I have come to absolutely love it, and I’m pleased with my decision to get the black hockey stripes and Mach1 decal. The brown and black present very well - super 70’s!

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