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May 30, 2018
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Stevensville, MI
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73 Convertible Q code, Auto C6 trans
I'm kind of embarrassed with this post, but I'm stumped. This is the simplest of all electrical connections, but I can't separate it. I've even tried using vice grips while pulling back on the tab, but it's like it's glued together. I know the tab is lifted high enough to clear the "hump" but with pressure/force It won't even rock a little in the socket. This connector is for the Seat back release solenoid on circuit 172. The connector is a very very simple one spade/pin wire. I really don't want to break it or cut it out if I can avoid it. So I thought I'd see if anyone has any thoughts or run into a similar situation.

For background, I'm removing the under dash harness so I can send it to our friend MidLife to do his majic in refurbishing it. Also, removing the Heater Box Assembly to repair/replace to bring my A/C back to life and replace a blown Heater Core.


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