Incouringing Future for Mustang?

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It may just my settings, but an "ad" appeared to say "turn of ad blocker" and I couldn't see the link without turning it off......... so I didn't.
Anyone else have this intrusion?
Sounds like Jim Farley, the #2 man at Ford
and Mr. Henry Ford Jr. are continuing on with the Mustang legacy into the future...

Farley is a true car guy. A pretty accomplished amateur race car driver as well.

I was at the event in Las Vegas when Farley announced/showed the GTD back in October. It is a beast. The inboard suspension on the rear looks like something from an F1 car.

For those that haven't seen it, here's a link to Ford's GTD site:

Oh, and Geoff, FWIW I had no problem clicking on and viewing the link.
“My name’s Jim Farley, and I make V8 muscle cars in a world of sh*tbox EV’s.”

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